The Beginning Of The Waterfall From The Sky

The beginning of the waterfall from the sky.

The sky blocks out the rays from the sun, creating a gray sheet in the air. As the temperature falls drastically, the droplets begin their way back to the soil, as old custom comments that monsoon arrives with a loud thud and departs with the same. The ancient custom is indeed real. The storms arrive first at Kerala and gradually move towards the head.

After the first rain itself, the trees appear gleaming. The dust stuffed over months finally swifts away with the hastening water. A week into the storms and the umbrella business increases, sneeze, and sore throat appears out of nowhere, and the runny nose tends to be watery for the whole day.

Autorickshaw drivers construct the vehicles to prevent the water from logging in the car. Nevertheless, the water still finds a way to enter. Traveling by Autorickshaw is moreover a journey of ups-down. Potholes arrive like an unwanted guest. Some of us tackle those guest luckily, while some bid adieu. Bus windows are purely crafted in such a way to let the rain register itself on the bus. Even for the local and long-distance buses, the conditions are equivalent. Trains are equally the same, sharing the compartment with a damp shoulder creates a feeling of douse. Landing in a crowded train will provide an atmosphere as if you are stranded in a washing machine.

The weather cools down after tragic summer. Clothes occupy the entire space in your house, and somehow the clothes will still feel drenched. Dirty clothes compile in one section, as you go on changing. Light color clothes stay in your cupboard for a longer time.

Kids splashing a puddle,
A couple sharing a cuddle,
A village getting a filled up well,
The soil below giving out a beautiful smell.

A rainy day uplifts the mood of a person and brings in a sigh of relief from the scorching heat. The cool, wet, and pleasant days have a soothing effect on everyone. The continuous, non¬stop, heavy rain, outside tranquilizes the pace of human minds. Rainy season uplifts the mood of everyone. Not only do humans feel joyous, but also nature becomes brighter; the leaves become greener, the peacock dances, and the rainbow in the sky after the rain adds the enchanting beauty of nature.

The poet ponders upon the captivating effects of rainy days through the lines. The lines sharply depict the cold weather, the ambiance created with the rainfall. The feeling of the rain takes away all the pain, stress, and sadness. The rainy season is considered one of the most beautiful seasons. The leisurely mood drives us to sleep all day and read books with a cup of tea or coffee. The poet feels the same as he enjoys the raindrops. The poet prefers to sit by the window and listen to the sound of nature. Nature’s serene beauty calms the mind and body. The poet wants the readers to feel and experience the monsoon atmosphere, sitting by the window and listening to songs of the bugs and rhythm of the falling rain. Accordingly, one of the pluviophile’s favorite ways to spend a rainy day is sitting by the window, sipping tea, and listening to nature.

The cool weather and the raindrops chilled,
You feel them and your stress gets killed,
You prepare some tea and fill up the mugs,
Sit by the window and listen to the bugs.

Monsoon is officially here, igniting the hearts of romantics and bringing brighter smiles to the rest. Who doesn’t love the smell of the earth after a fresh downpour? Petrichor, this beautiful earthy scent, has inspired perfumers and candle-makers for decades. The rains are nature’s very own talent show. The spectacle of grey, looming clouds gathering on the horizon sends poets and artists into a creative frenzy. Nature’s fury experienced in echoing thunderstorms accompanied by silver flashes of lightning are a delight felt like no other!

The rains are a source of love for people of different ages and different reasons. We all grew up jumping into puddles and then running home in our muddy shoes, to our mothers’ complaints. It is the season to take out that particular, pretty umbrella with the colorful stripes and don our snug raincoats and boots. This year, it is safer to stay in and refrain from dancing in the rain. Keeping our immunity up is essential right now, we cannot afford to catch a cold or endanger our loved ones this season. It is not all sad, however. We can still indulge in freshly brewed hot chai and homemade pakoras or bhaji. Also, no one can stop you from dancing in your backyard to classic Bollywood songs!

The rains bring floods too. But it has seen for generations that floodplains which experience regular flooding benefit from the storms. It is just a matter of better management. The water enriches the soil and filters impurities in it. Oxbow lakes formed by periodic flooding are hotspots for biodiversity. The locals often take part in various annual recreational activities like fishing, boating, cycling, and hiking.

If your day is going bad and your mind is at a
Open the window, sit back, and feel the
monsoon breeze,
I mean, after all, this is the time to forget life’s
To sit back with your loved ones
and enjoy a plate full of fritters!

Through this stanza, it conveys the relief, and leisure monsoon brings to his life. The poet feels that the rainy season lets you let go of the stress and sadness. Believing that monsoon intends to spread prosperity and takes away the blues of everyday life. Life is full of ups and downs. There are days when the mind becomes a dark place and despair sets in. The hope and positivity that keeps the spirit alive might leave you uninformed and alone. The freshness of monsoon might easily cheer you up. Chances are, you will witness the glory and beauty of Mother Nature after a rain. Much like tears help pour out emotions, and we end up feeling emotionally lighter, the Earth takes up a beautiful aura after a good downpour. The effect of this ambiance will rev you up.

Further, adding that the weather is to be enjoyed sitting with your loved ones and enjoying delicacies. Through the “plate of fritters”, remarking upon the love and happiness that people share when they share food. On analyzing these lines, we can conclude monsoon is associated with positive energy. Repeatedly emphasizing on viewing the rains as a sign of good times.

From taking pictures to going for a walk,
Maintain your silence and let the nature talk,
For it and only it can soothe all your pain,
It’s June, and the channel it uses is the RAIN!

Rather than flooding the social media with images, sit idle and see the air stumble in your room and feel the frigidity in it. Look around and see the nature washing itself and gleaming its original shine. As you sit there, watching, positive vibes gather around you. The stiffness in you reduces quietly.

As the droplets stop, the clouds depart further, moving swiftly and creating an atmosphere where you feel yourself.

Poem Narrated by:
Gaurang Rai.


Kritika Tewari.
Pratyasha Sharma.
Swagata Chongdar.
Zaheen Maruf.

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